gives your soul a voice and
accompanies you with your life issues.
Do you need an independent listener?

Touching the soul

Maria is the mediator between the worlds and
helps you to connect with your soul
and the spiritual world.


Get your own personal soul music.
Maria makes herself and her voice
as a mediator.

soul sound space

to a very special sound space.
Blessings and love have been
incorporated into the handmade
woollen blankets and the self-made
furniture mad of ash wood.

energy medicine

Maintain your health and activate
your self-haling powers.
Solutions can be found in your luminous body.

travel to the universe

Read the book of life and
look into your past, present and future.
Be ready for miracles!

healing kitchen

Learn the alchemy of the kitchen and
strengthen your health,
support your individual constitution and
experience completely new flavours.


A warm welcome

I am Maria and I am delighted that you have found your way to me. Here everything revolves around the voice, Ayurveda and physical, mental and spiritual health.

With my expertise as a singing teacher, Ayurveda cook and healer in shamanic energy medicine, I support you in raising your voice and giving voice. You will learn to listen to your inner voice, to perceive the voice of the other world, nature and Mother Earth. You will learn how to better understand the voice of your soul and how to make your voice resonate and vibrate.

Everything is vibration and energy. Frequencies and resonances surround us. Make use of them.

Let yourself be carried away into the world of Ayurveda and the voice. Learn to perceive yourself and your environment in a completely new and different way.

You will find here

Remember - you carry the spark of truth, wisdom and freedom within you.

– Maria Käser-Aunkofer

About me

Maria Käser-Aunkofer

I would like to share with you my deep connection to nature, the other world and ancient knowledge from the great wisdom teachings such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Celtic Shamanism.

My experience and deepest conviction is that the healer we become ourselves and the further we penetrate to our soul, the healer the world becomes.

I am a singer, Ayurveda cook, shaman, earth keeper and mediator between the worlds. I give souls a voice and travel through energy fields to support people with their issues.

My very special gift is my voice. I use my voice to connect worlds. I support people in opening their minds and consciousness.

I would also like to give you my hand and accompany you into a world full of miracles.

Do you want to know more about me?

In my blog I write about my life, my personal and professional experiences, disappointments, living through various illnesses, obstacles, hardships and the insights I have gained from them. Enjoy reading!


from Maria The voice | Sacred places


from Maria The voice | Love and power in Cornwall

What I offer you

Shamanic sound

Shamanic sound connects you with your body, soul and spirit. It unites heart and mind, you recognise your inner healer and activate your self-healing powers.

kitchen sound

Cooking and eating is so much more than just preparing and consuming food. Ancient wisdom teachings understand food as medicine and not just as a filler for the body.

Latest news

Musical meditation journey into the dragon land of King Arthur

A meditative journey to magical places, carried by song and harp.

The CD "Love from and for Mother Earth" is here

Reconnection to Mother Earth, to nature and to all that is.

My cookery book is here

On 64 pages you will travel with me through the seasons with Ayurvedic accompaniment.

Browse recipes and blog articles

Roasted potatoes with colourful vegetables and soy dip

Colourful variety on the plate. A rich meal for all the senses. A cheat sheet for food intolerances.

Tomato jalapeno ragout

For me, sweet and sour tomatoes epitomise the summer of my childhood. We always had an abundance of home-grown tomatoes. The whole garden smelled of the incomparable aroma of the tomato plant.

Apple celery soup with roasted fennel

This soup contains all the Ayurvedic flavours: sweet, sour, salty, hot, bitter and tart. Do you know which of the ingredients belongs to which flavour? Try it out and enjoy this harmonious soup.

Baked pumpkin with date fig sauce

Savour the sweetness of life. Get in the mood for the end of the year with this pumpkin dish. Enjoy the peace and quiet, go into retreat and introspection. Connect with Mother Earth. This meal nourishes your lower 3 flames and gives you a sense of security.


Chapati are an ideal accompaniment to an Ayurvedic meal or in the evening with a warming soup to reduce VATA.

rocket herb pasta

If you're in a hurry, this simple but very tasty recipe is ideal. If you have rocket and herbs growing in your own garden - bring them on!

Lemongrass soup with prawns

Wanderlust? This soup brings the warmth, aromas and flavours of Thailand to your table. It also combines the Ayurvedic principles of the 6 flavours, warming your body and soul.

Musical meditation journey into the dragon land of King Arthur

A meditative journey to magical places, carried by song and harp.

The CD "Love from and for Mother Earth" is here

Reconnection to Mother Earth, to nature and to all that is.

Food intolerances and solutions

My personal experience with food intolerances and what solutions are available.

Thoughts on femininity and masculinity

What exactly is femininity and masculinity? You can find my thoughts in this blog post.

Preventing depression in autumn

The winds of change blow particularly strongly in autumn. You can find a grounding exercise here.

Courage for truth and freedom

Recognising the truth can often be very painful, but it frees you immensely. I would like to share my experiences on my journey to inner freedom with you in this article.

Diagnosis of anxiety and the self-experiment

Be ready for miracles! If you take responsibility for your body, strengthen your self-healing powers and, above all, have faith in yourself and All That Is, anything is possible!

My thoughts on recognising and discovering

We are in a time of change. Much is becoming visible. Much is being discovered and revealed!

What does freedom mean for you, for us, for the world?

It is an indescribable feeling to let go of all the masks you have been taught and imposed!

How does nature give us energy?

Each plant nourishes one of our energy centres with its properties, qualities and colours. Here you will find a small selection of plants that strengthen your luminous body.

Friends and companions

Together we are strong!

We humans need social contact, companionship and mutual affection. I consider myself lucky to have wonderful people in my life. We support each other on our journey through life.

Get to know my friends and companions with their very own gifts and talents. Perhaps one or the other will also become your companion.

Watch videos

Maria mit Ghee

Ghee - the gold of Ayurvedic cuisine

Ghee is highly valued in Ayurveda. In the Panchakarma cure, medicinal ghee cooked with herbs is an important component in the detoxification process.

Maria Interview Seelengesang

Moving song of the soul - Interview

For Maria, soul singing is a special and personalised form of singing. It has become an integral part of her counselling sessions. These uniquely sung notes express the story of each person in a musical way.


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