Get your own personal soul music.
Maria makes herself and her voice
as a mediator.

Places and their soul

Places have a lot to tell and carry
wounds just like us humans.
Maria connects with places and gives
support to heal the place.

Sacred places

Maria tells with her singing the
charactersitics of sacred places.
The music is created by the sacred place and is full of emotion,
feelings and the soul of the sacred place.
You can find out more in the blog.

Music is an expression of the soul

Every soul has its own special sound. I will take you on a sound journey to your inner self. Experience a completely different way of connecting with your soul.
Everything is vibrating and full of sound. The wind, the river, the earth, the animals, nature itself and, of course, us humans. There are now many scientific experiments and studies on the effectiveness of sounds and frequencies on our body, psyche and mind.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

– Nikola Tesla

Every illness is a musical problem and the cure is a musical resolution.

– Novalis

Where language ends, music begins

– Friedrich Nietzsche

Music alone is the world language and does not need to be translated, as soul speaks to soul.

- Berthold Auerbach

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It is about reconnecting with Mother Earth, with nature and with all that is. We humans have forgotten who we are, where we come from and what our task is.

Verbinde Dich mit den Frequenzen und den Tönen von Mutter Erde. Erfahre ihre Liebe und gib ihr Liebe.

My path to the song of the soul


Music is an

expression of the soul

I have been singing since my early childhood. I gained my first experience in choirs before developing into a soloist and training my bright soprano voice with various singing teachers from Salzburg to Nuremberg. My vocal training has always been a part of my personal development. For me, music has always been the expression of my soul.

In spring 2019, I was unexpectedly given a wonderful gift that I would never have expected. I was able to discover my gift of soul singing, connect with people and places and transform their vibration into voice. I developed this gift further in England.

I now use my musical talent to make you vibrate so that you can unfold your full vocal and spiritual potential.

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More information

Beim Seelengesang wird die Seele nicht mit Worten, Metaphern oder Bildern beschrieben, sondern mit Musik. Das Erlebnis lässt sich schlecht in Worte fassen; und genau das macht es auch so Besonders. Es ist so anders, präziser, so zutreffender als alles je Erlebte und ermöglichte es mir, einen Blick aus einem ganz anderen Blickwinkel auf mein Innerstes zu werfen.

Tina W.

Maria’s soul song is the representation of the soul itself and the hidden emotions we usually long to feel and express. The session was fantastic and it allowed me to go on a soul journey through the music she sang with her blessed voice. The melody was a beautiful way to express messages my soul wanted me to know at the moment I took the session and after the song, Maria interpreted it for me. Her words gave me a lot of comfort and it also validated the experience I was having and helped me understand the visions I got during the session. Being able to hear what my soul wanted me to know was a way to bring me back to my path and trust that I am being guided. I listen to the recording whenever I feel out of balance, to center and bring back the vision I am building for my life while enjoying the present. There is so much joy and magic Maria brings through her. This is an opportunity everyone should experience as it provides healing and gives you a sense of appreciation of life and the experiences it can bring while also helping you experience a new version of you.


The soul singing procedure

This can be done online or in person in my sound room

Attunement and connection with the soul, obtaining consent

Soul singing - a recording is made according to your wishes.

"Reading" of the song, debriefing and conclusion



€ 50 €
per half hour or part thereof

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