The power of unconditional love


The seeds of awareness.
With the initiation into the Munay-Ki rites
we join the ancestral line of earth keepers.

Unconditional love

The prophecies of the indigenous people of South America speak of a time of great transformation and of new people appearing on earth. People full of wisdom and strength, who courageously let go of their fears and shine out of their own strength.

The Munay-Ki are the code for this transformation.

Initiation and initiation rites have been practised by all people on earth for millions of years. The Andean shamans have preserved the universal knowledge of Munay-Ki. This knowledge was brought to the West by Dr Alberto Villoldo to prepare people for the great transformation. The process has already begun!

In order to bring about a new time for life on this earth, transformation and raising the vibration of our luminous body is essential.


When we heal ourselves, we also heal the world.

- Maria The voice

What does Munay-Ki mean?

MUNAY stands for unconditional or pure love. KI means power.

Munay-Ki are energetic transmissions that help us to heal wounds from the past, including karmic and genetic programmes and the limiting beliefs we have inherited.

They connect with your soul and help you to expand your higher consciousness.

Munay-Ki connect you with the ancestral lineage of healers, wisdom and earth keepers.


The 9 rites of the Munay KI

Basic rites

Healer 's Rite

Connects you to the lineage of luminous energy healers to support you in your personal transformation and awaken your inner healing power. We access tremendous spiritual support. Ancient healers to help heal the wounds of our past and those of our ancestors.

Bands of power

Five energy bands are woven into your luminous body and give you universal protection. They work as a filter, reducing negative energies that penetrate you from the 5 elements and feeding your luminous body instead of making you ill.

Harmony Rite

7 guardians are transformed into your flames (chakras). The connection to the snake, wolf, dragon, feathered people, guardians of the underworld (unconscious), middle world (waking state) and the upper world (superconscious) give you strength and strengthen the connection to the other world.

The Seer

Light pathways connect the visual cortex with the third eye and the heart chakra. A crown of light is woven that awakens your inner seer and your ability to perceive the invisible world of energy and spirit.

Ancestors Rites

The Day Keeper

You connect with the lineage of the masters of healers from ancient times and the power places of the earth. They guide you into harmony and balance with Mother Earth at every sunrise. This rite helps you to heal your inner femininity, move beyond fear and practice peace.

The Wisdom keeper

You connect with the powerful energy of the mountains and the lineage of light beings from the past and the future. The rite helps you to heal your inner masculinity, step out of time and taste infinity.

The earth keeper

This rite connects you to the archangels who are guardians of our solar system and stewards of all life on earth. The rite lifts you out of your earth-bound existence and sets your spirit free to begin your journey to the stars and dream your world into being.

Times to come

The star keeper

Your physical body is supported in this rite to develop into a homo luminos (luminous human being). The ageing process is slowed down and your DNA is regenerated. You become more resistant to disease. You take your seat around the sacred fire in the centre of the sun. A place that has been held for you since the beginning of time.

The creator

The creative light within you is awakened and makes you the guardian of all creation. From the smallest grain of sand to the largest cluster of galaxies. Once you discover that the Great Spirit is not just working through you, but AS YOU, and all of creation is happening within you, guardianship becomes natural.

The 13th rite for women

The rite of the womb

Especially for women, it restores the natural balance to your centre. It is a blessing for the abdomen - our sacred space of creation. During this rite, you connect completely with your femininity and your centre of creation. It helps you to heal the wounds of the female lineage of your ancestors, ancestors and yourself.

procedure and equalisation

9 Initiations

The initiations take place in 3 sections, each lasting 1 day. The period between the sections can be days, weeks or months. You decide the time. The realisation is possible in person in my sound room, in nature or online.

€ 499,00

Single initiation

It is also possible to be initiated into individual rites only. You choose the rite and the time. It can be performed in person in my sound room, in nature or online.

€ 50
per half hour or part thereof

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