energetic voice training

Raise your voice, connect with it
and gently train your vocal chords.

Music is an expression of the soul

I have been singing since my early childhood. I gained my first experience in choirs before developing into a soloist and training my bright soprano voice with various singing teachers from Salzburg to Nuremberg.

Voice training has always been a part of personal development.

I remember my first singing lesson at the Mozarteum in Salzburg very well. I was in my mid-twenties and had already been working as a soloist for years. I experienced an inner earthquake during that first lesson. This lesson was the beginning of a great personal change and development. I rediscovered the greatness and power of my voice and recognised the connection to my inner self.

As a soloist I have taken part in various performances from opera concerts, classical singing evenings, church concerts to competitions.

As a voice coach, I supported choir singers in developing their vocal potential.

With my somewhat different voice and singing training, I support you in raising your voice, connecting with it, releasing blockages and tenderly training your vocal chords.

For whom is Energetic Voice Training suitable for?

I often hear: "I can't sing"! That's a false assumption. Anyone with functioning vocal chords can sing. Just like anyone with a healthy musculoskeletal system can run, walk and jump. Some people are more talented than others. BUT - everyone can do it. YOU CAN TOO!

If you want to get to know your voice anew and connect with it, if you want to release blockages and face your fears, if you want to learn how to use your voice correctly so that it sounds better and softer - then you've come to the right place. I look forward to making an appointment with you!



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