Connection to the original source

Find your own truth and
the divine spark within you.

Free will

Live your own free will,
guided by Spirit and the source of all being.

Understanding the voice of nature

Connect with animals, plants and Mother Earth.
Be mindful of yourself, the earth and all its inhabitants.

Light the fire of the heart

Strengthen your awareness. Recognise your own weaknesses
and issues. Free yourself from masks and roles.
Reflect on your own behaviour

It took a long time for me to follow the voice of my shamanic ancestors. Many events, obstacles, illnesses, offences and disappointments led me to face my origins and my task as a Shaman.

Shamanic sound connects you with your body, soul and spirit. It unites heart and mind, you recognise your inner healer and activate your self-healing powers.

If you would like to take my hand, I look forward to accompanying you on your own personal journey.


A true healer is therefore aware that it is not he who heals, but that the healing powers merely use him as a medium.

– Fools Crow

Treat a stone like a plant, a plant like an animal and an animal like a human being.

- Indian wisdom

Know how to conquer every fatigue of your body, every aberration of your spirit and all weaknesses of your soul.

- Druidic wisdom

What does shamanism mean?

For me, shamanism means above all being in flow with "all that is". It means being in communication with nature and meeting ALL living beings on an equal footing.

The term shaman originally comes from the Tungusic peoples and means "someone who knows" (source: wikipedia).

Shamans (men and women) have existed since the beginning of time and in all cultures. They just have different names. For example, the Celtic druids are just as much shamans as the Native American medicine men. What unites them is their wisdom, their ability to read the universe and the great web of life and their connection to nature and the other world.

A shaman is a mediator between the worlds and can voluntarily attain other states of consciousness in order to request healing, knowledge, guidance and help for others. They travel into the past to change the future. A shaman works with power, energy and nature, co-operates closely with the spirits and is not a religion!

Activate self-healing

The connection to nature and the connection to one's own body are the basic prerequisites for maintaining health. Any non-health is a signal of non-connection and offers the opportunity for development for each individual.

We strengthen our health through personalised nutrition, releasing emotional blockages and spiritual practice. Healing happens naturally.

I would be happy to accompany you on your journey.

Dear Maria,
Right from our first meeting, I was very touched by the warmth of your heart and the feeling of being "accepted" by you. The meeting a few days later in your practice and your invitation and accompaniment into my inner being still has a positive effect on me. Thank you very much. It was (and is) a great enrichment for me that I feel so wonderfully encouraged by your energy work to turn more clearly to my perceptions and feelings, to believe in them and to give them more space in my life. The beautiful feeling of "everything is good and right as it happens" has stayed with me after my visit with you. Your openness and the vastness of the space that surrounds you give me confidence that I am on the right path. I would love to come back.

Kind regards


Where can shamanic work be supportive?

Relationship problems

In the search for the meaning of life

Lack of joy and unhappiness

Listlessness and irritability

Mental instability and depression

Rapid fatigue and exhaustion

Professional blocks to success

Physical complaints and illness

Shamanic tools

Every shaman has their own special skills and talents. My special talents are my voice, clairvoyance, psychic and empathic abilities.

Here you will find my services.

Musical meditation journey into the dragon land of King Arthur

A meditative journey to magical places, carried by song and harp.

The CD "Love from and for Mother Earth" is here

Reconnection to Mother Earth, to nature and to all that is.

Food intolerances and solutions

My personal experience with food intolerances and what solutions are available.

Thoughts on femininity and masculinity

What exactly is femininity and masculinity? You can find my thoughts in this blog post.

Preventing depression in autumn

The winds of change blow particularly strongly in autumn. You can find a grounding exercise here.

Courage for truth and freedom

Recognising the truth can often be very painful, but it frees you immensely. I would like to share my experiences on my journey to inner freedom with you in this article.

Diagnosis of anxiety and the self-experiment

Be ready for miracles! If you take responsibility for your body, strengthen your self-healing powers and, above all, have faith in yourself and All That Is, anything is possible!

My thoughts on recognising and discovering

We are in a time of change. Much is becoming visible. Much is being discovered and revealed!

What does freedom mean for you, for us, for the world?

It is an indescribable feeling to let go of all the masks you have been taught and imposed!

How does nature give us energy?

Each plant nourishes one of our energy centres with its properties, qualities and colours. Here you will find a small selection of plants that strengthen your luminous body.


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