I’m really grateful that I met Maria in my life. From the very beginning of our language learning exchange, she struck me as a person who is very passionate about life. Whenever I have a problem, she is always trying to help, be it preparing me for my German test even if at that time we just knew each other online for one day, learning to sing a Chinese happy birthday for me, which to my surprise is actually really good, and etc.
Last year when I shared with her that I lately felt in pain, she immediately told me if i need, I can have a session with her to explore what it really was.  Though we were in different countries, we managed to do it via internet. The session helped me realize something I had not noticed for years in an unexpected way, that I was holding to the past to the extent it affected my current life. I wish i could just be in her healing room, lying on her couch and really feeling her presence. but I know one day this will come true. My dear Maria, looking forward to seeing you in Germany and our future adventure !